An incomparable network

Facebook is currently the most used social network. This means a huge potential, at the same time the competitive pressure is comparatively higher than in other networks. Worldwide, 50 million medium-sized companies are represented on Facebook. Countless posts and comments fight daily for the attention of the users. How you can successfully assert yourself and how we can help you, we show you here.


Take a course!

We will clarify with you …

where and with which messages we reach your target group in the social web. We also find out which goals should be reached via social media. Is it about image work? Why to increase branding and awareness? Or are you primarily interested in an authentic community and increased sales? The best of all worlds: We develop your individual strategy.

Once the goals have been clarified …

it goes to the preserves. We take care of a good, consistent branding. We find relevant multipliers for you, a language suitable for your target group. Then we take care of questions like: How do you attract attention to your cause? So what content do you need in concrete terms?


Editorial staff

Editorial staff

Editorial address

For our clients, we create exciting theme series and editorial plans tailored to the audience: the date of publication, author, target persona and format of the contribution are clearly defined in this way. You as a customer can always keep track of current and upcoming topics through our editorial plans. And your fans benefit from seamless communication.
Visually inspire

On a visual level, we approach your fans with a lot of commitment and know-how. Our graphic artists, designers and photographers produce visuals, photos, illustrations, crisp videos, GIFs and mash-ups that are essential for successful communication. We produce content that invites interaction. Content that stands out in the stream and adds value to your target audience!

Community Management

The core of social media

Knowledge gain about your target group

Through the constant exchange with your fans on Facebook and other social networks, we can bring you useful insights into your target group. Data mining is particularly valuable for downstream marketing activities and also for your customers – for example, contents and editorial plans or even advertisements are tailored even better to your target group and unexplored topics are discovered. Get to know your customers better! Let us help you by talking to your community!

Moderation & Activation


Our Community Managers are sensitive to their fans, entertaining them with new content, responding to feedback, praise and criticism. They thus ensure constant interaction and activity. The messages that are important for you and your brand thus flow naturally into the comments and conversations on Facebook, thus ensuring that you are constantly attracted to your activities.

Facebook campaigns

Raise attention and interest
From the idea to the concept

Every day we are in touch with the mechanisms of social networks and have therefore developed a profound understanding of them. These insights will ultimately benefit you because our campaigns are based on experience and pay attention to the special mechanisms of social media. We develop tailor-made campaign ideas for you. We refine and optimize. We always listen to the rails and implement new mechanisms and ideas with you.

Design & implementation

We help you to realize a solid concept! With understanding for your Brand Essence, your brand essence, your messages and your values we design and Right from the beginning, sug knows the gimmicks & lifehacks that make a Facebook campaign successful inside and out. Use our know-how for your new social media campaign.

New Customers?



It’s about engaging the interest of potential customers with exciting content that adds value and drives engagement. When customers go to your Facebook page of their own accord, like their content and interact with you, you have taken the most important step. We can help you in the field of Facebook marketing.