Your partner for security and private military

Your partner for security and private military

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Transport Security for global transportation & logistics

SCIA Group protective transport services were created to fulfill the needs a wide variety of logistical companies, ideal when transporting goods into war countries, or in countries where theft is unavoidable.

Our protective transport security specialists integrate themselves with your logistical convoy either by road, air, water or railway. We can assist with multilingual supervisors and operators allowing transport companies to easily pass check or control points.

In a world where the transportation of goods is vital to the success of a streamlined supply chain, when high value items have to reach their destination, our obligation is to hold timelines while safely transporting your materials and equipment safely around the world.

For our VIP and VVIP clients, we can guarantee the safe and timely delivery of jewelry, fine art, documents—or ANYTHING you may need to move around the planet—on time and given very short notice.

Our transport security services ensure you meet your obligations without interferences and additional costs that you could otherwise encounter when timelines are not met, or goods are lost, stolen or damaged.

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