Your partner for security and private military

Your partner for security and private military

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Cash and Valuables Transportation

We offer cash and valuables transport in fixed routes but also on demand, for pick up and delivery.

We are serving according to the customs and declaration requirement regulations within the EU, as well as in -Third-Countries.In addition to the mechanical counting of the cash, you can use the entire service incl. Customs paper work  and the verifications with our machines, specially for antique currencies. We are supporting you with our lawyer infrastructure to secure your  transaction with possible, buyers, sellers and the bank and act like security trustees.

Since 2015 we are serving the transport in Africa (Uganda, Ghana, and Guinea) to the destination Uae (Dubai) for the gold business. Specially in Dubai, we assist you at the airports with the customs paper work, organize the personal protection to the refineries and laboratories till your safe trip back to the hotel or airport after successful transaction.  

In Austria you can use our secured „safe house solution“ for the storage of your goods, we are issuing a SKR for the deposit, so you will be able to sell your goods over bank or intermediates easier and faster without any additional effort of security and transport risks.

Our service is available at any time on weekdays and on weekends. This service is basically carried out by in civilian clothes, as well as in civilian vehicles, discreet and unobtrusive.

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