Your partner for security and private military

Your partner for security and private military

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At SUG Group, your safety is our privilege. As a leading private security company we have achieved much success through proven expertise in: close personal protection, residential protection, transport and logistics security, personal medical care support, tracking services and security consulting. We proudly serve a wide variety of clients in need of private security worldwide thanks to our strong global networks.

Our Network

Broad capabilities of our operators allow us to provide the highest quality security advice and assistance to our clients and projects.

To ensure we provide the highest quality of services, our management team has developed a continuous Improvement Program that each operator must adhere to.  The effectiveness and flexibility of our processes and services are continuously evaluated against our high set goals and optimized over time to ensure we never stagnate.

Our Partners

SUG Group has excellent relations and partnerships with other security companies, training schools, international military, police and government institutions.

Our teams are permanently constituted of nationals out of the local communities and international operators and staff. These relationships are also a benefit for our clients to integrate rapidly in the local communities and to establish a functioning and successful business.

High quality service anywhere you may need it on land, air or at sea.

Security professionals focused on minimizing Risk & Delivering Results

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